BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment

BM&M Screening Solutions for all Industries

Designed and Tested for your Industry and Unique Application

BM&M Screening Solutions’ high-speed gyratory screening equipment is designed to provide efficient, high-capacity performance in any industry or application. Durable construction and superior engineering ensure reliable and consistent results in even the most demanding environments.
Throughout Industry, BM&M’s High-Speed Gyratory Screens Delivers Reliability, Versatility and Maximum Performance! Click on the icons below to link to the individual Industry Served web page. For a pdf download of the Industry Served / BM&M Equipment cross reference, click here.

Forest Products

BM&M is the leading manufacturer of screening equipment for the wood products industry. Located in Vancouver, Canada, BM&M has been working with wood products since our company’s inception in 1968.

Solid Wood

Sawmills, chip mills, and board plants throughout North America rely on BM&M gyratory screening equipment. Our patented technology helps improve yield, efficiency, and quality across all solid wood applications.

Pulp and Paper

Since 1975, BM&M has been the leader in high-speed gyratory screening equipment for the pulp and paper industry. We offer numerous screen models that provide high fiber yield while maintaining quality.

Agricultural Products

BM&M partners with ArrowCorp to provide complete cleaning house systems for export and inland terminals in the grain industry. We offer guaranteed results on capacity, efficiency, and yield/shrinkage. A variety of gyratory screening systems are available to fit your needs.


BM&M first started manufacturing high-speed gyratory Screening Solutions for the Vancouver B.C. Grain Industry in 1975, bringing Patented Technology and Superior Yields to the industry. Since partnering with ArrowCorp, now providing the Total Grain Solution.

Pet Food and Animal Feed

BM&M’s Super Screen gyratory screener was specifically designed for the food, pet food, and animal feed industries. This high-capacity, cost-effective screening system is ideal for powdered milk, starch, and other applications.


Our machines’ high-speed horizontal gyratory action is exceptionally effective for screening applications such as field nuts, pre-cleaners, hullers, shellers, meat, and peewee meats. Our systems provide superior efficiency and capacity at low cost.

Soybeans and Oilseeds

Soybean and oilseed processing presents a unique challenge when it comes to keeping screening equipment clean. Our gyratory screens feature patented technology that maintains cleanliness and delivers superior efficiency in bean cleaning, meat sifting, and dehulling applications.


Whether you are recycling to eliminate glass, metal/dross, plastic, rubber, wood, or other irregularly-shaped materials, BM&M offers high efficiency solutions to eliminate screen plugging and deliver reliable performance in challenging applications.


Our gyratory screens are ideal for wood pellet plants, ethanol/biodiesel/gasification processes, and more. Common applications in this industry include raw material screening, hammermill unloading, and loadout screening, among many others.

Powder and Bulk Solids

With screens up to 600 ft2 and a variety of construction-material options for soft, corrosive, and salt/chloride material screening, we have the perfect solution for powder and bulk solids applications.

Screening Equipment Tailored to Your Needs

We can easily customize our equipment to match the unique requirements of your material handling application. Our in-house testing facility enables us to optimize your system for performance, no matter what material you’re working with.

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