BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment


BM&M gyratory screening equipment is used throughout the Forest Products Industries.”

BM&M gyratory screening equipment is used
throughout the Forest Industry

BM&M Forest Industry  Product samples

Forest Products Samples Screened out by
BM&M Gyratory Screening Equipment 
Featured Forest Products Case History: Western Forest Products.”
Featured Forest Industries Case History:
Western Forest Products and SKS Engineering

High-Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment for the Forest Products Industry

BM&M gyratory screening equipment is used
throughout the Forest Industry

Providing Screening Reliability, Versatility and Maximum Performance for over 50 years

BM&M’s high-speed gyratory screening equipment has set the gold standard in the forest products industry for over 50 years.

In 1968 solid wood production and pulp and paper manufacturing were BM&M’s first markets and also is where we built our sterling reputation for performance and reliability.
In fact, our first high-speed gyratory screen was designed specifically for separating wood chips and sawdust in western Canada.

The outstanding performance of those early high-speed gyratory chip screens prompted companies from numerous other local industries, like grain terminals and feed mills, to seek us out for solutions to their underperforming screening installations.
Over the years, our technology has evolved right alongside the forest products industry, and we continue to provide the best and most efficient screening equipment for this unique market.

Including applications such as:

  • High sawdust content Chip-n-Saw break down line chips
  • Pulp Mill, Chip Thickness fines screens (CTS)
  • Pulp Mill, Proportional Chip thickness systems (PSS)
  • Bark, Mulch, Shavings and many more

Headquartered near Vancouver, British Columbia, we are ideally located to serve North America’s thriving forest products industry. With manufacturing facilities in Australia and eastern Europe, we are also positioned to meet the needs of customers in markets worldwide.

Innovative Screening Solutions for Saw Mills and Pulp and Paper Manufacturers

BM&M Screening Solutions provides superior screening machinery that delivers unmatched performance for separating wood chips, bark, sawdust, and other by-products of producing lumber, paper, and other materials for the forest products industry.

Our patented gyratory drive technology operates at higher speeds and with larger strokes than other, similar equipment that uses slow speed gyratory and reciprocating motions.

  • The BM&M high-speed gyratory motion has proven to produce a far greater horizontal G-load for faster, more efficient, and more effective screening.
  • This translates to improved yield, improved quality, and, ultimately, improved ROI for our customers.

Our high-speed gyratory screening equipment can be customized to your unique needs and installation.

  • We will work with you to develop a system that delivers the performance and capacity your application requires.

Our application testing facility enables us to try out solutions using the actual materials you work with to ensure superior performance. Contact BM&M to get started on your custom gyratory screening system.

The Forest Products Industries BM&M Serves

Solid Wood Production

BM&M chip screening equipment can be found in lumber mills, sawmills, and board plants across North America and all around the world. There’s no better solution for screening wood chips and other materials than our patented drive technology screens.

Pulp and Paper Processing

We have been providing high speed gyratory screening equipment for the pulp and paper industry since 1968. Our screening solutions provide high fiber yield while maintaining quality for all pulp/paper processes.

The Five S’s of Screening

When it comes to screening machine design and optimization there are five key factors to consider for optimum performance and efficiency.
We calls these the Five S’s of Screening:

  1. Stroke: the diameter of the horizontal circle made by the machine’s gyratory motion (Normally 7/8” to 2” diameter)
  2. Slope: the angle of the screen element from horizontal (from 3-9°, typically 5-7°)
  3. Speed: the RPM of the screen machine (from 250-330 RPM, depending on the application)
  4. Screen Area: the total square feet/square meters of the screen element required for your application (12 ft2 to 400 ft2, per element size required)
  5. Service: BM&M’s local support and long-term parts availability—we continue to offer support for every screen we’ve ever made!

BM&M Screening Solutions is the clear leader in all five of these categories.

  • Our screens utilize a gyratory (circular) motion that results in a larger and more effective stroke than screens that use reciprocating (back and forth) motion. BM&M strokes can be easily adjusted unlike other older technologies.
  • The slope of our screens can be factory built to match your application’s specific requirements for optimum performance.
  • The 330 RPM maximum speed of the screen is almost twice the speed of conventional designs with a 180 RPM maximum. The BM&M speed is easily field adjustable with a sheave change or a variable speed drive controller.
  • BM&M offers larger screen element deck areas than conventional suppliers.
    • BM&M’s largest element deck, all on one plane, is 260 ft2 (24.1M2).
    • BM&M’s largest Multi-Deck element, the most single element area on multiple planes, is 400 ft2 (37.1 M2).
  • Service is our culture and a core reason why BM&M prefers to guarantee every installation and certify that every installation is done correctly. Therefore we provide written performance guarantees and include factory start-up inspection and plant training on every order.

Contact BM&M Screening Solutions for High-Speed Chip Screening Solutions

For more than 50 years, we have been the forest products industry’s leading resource for high efficiency, high-speed screening technology. With multiple screen models that are designed to deliver exceptional performance for this demanding market, along with custom options that can be tailored to your specifications, we can provide the right solution for your application.

Request a quote on custom gyratory chip screening equipment, or contact BM&M Screening Solutions for more information.

BM&M Forest Industry  Product samples

Forest Products Samples Screened out by
BM&M Gyratory Screening Equipment
Featured Forest Industries Case History:
Western Forest Products and SKS Engineering