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Features and Benefits of the most Efficient and Reliable Gyratory Screening Equipment Throughout Industry

Learn all about BM&M's High-capacity, high-efficiency, gyratory screening equipment. Find out how BM&M’s patented drive technology enables our gyratory screening equipment to provide the greatest return on your investment.

Chip Screen & CounterFlow Chip Screen

  • The Chip Screen is BM&M’s highest energy gyratory screen, designed specifically for high-capacity applications requiring a large stroke and a relatively large element opening. First introduced in 1968, it is the best and most used trouble-free chip screening equipment in the world. The video reviews the Chip Screen’s features and benefits and screening applications.
  • Industry Served: Forest Products, Agriculture, Recycling.

Super Screen & CounterFlow Super Screen

  • BM&M’s most versatile high-speed, high efficiency gyratory screening equipment, featuring finer element openings. Vary the stroke, speed and slope of the machine, optimizing it for any specific process requirements. Easy to operate, optimize and maintain. The video reviews the Super Screen’s features, benefits and screening applications.
  • Industry Served: Agriculture, Recycling, Powder & Bulk.

Super-Deck Screen

  • BM&M’s rugged Super-Deck Screen, is manufactured for greater capacity and efficiency. First introduced in1990 to the process industry, Super-Deck Screens are ideal for wheat, corn, biofuel, pellets, sand, coal, powder and bulk solids. The Super-Deck video reviews the equipment’s features and benefits.
  • Industry Served: Agriculture, Powder & Bulk.

Multi-Deck Screen

  • BM&M’s patented Multi-Deck Screen was first introduced to the import export grain terminals in 1975. The Multi-Deck Screen’s small foot print is perfectly suited to provide high-speeds and high-capacities, while losing no product yield (zero shrinkage). The video reviews the Multi-Deck Screen’s features and benefits.
  • Industry Served: Forest Products, Agriculture.

ArrowCorp & BM&M Grain Cleaning

  • Collin Jackson from BM&M and Rick Gergatz of ArrowCorp explain the total systems solutions their companies provide to the import and export grain terminal industry. In partnership since 1992, BM&M’s screening equipment, in combination with ArrowCorp’s graders and aspirators specialize in 0% product shrinkage.
  • Industry Served: Agriculture/ Grain Export & Inland Terminals.