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BM&M Screening Equipment

BM&M Screening Solutions is the industry leader in mechanical screening equipment. We manufacture innovative, high-speed gyratory screening equipment, chip feeders, and more. Our screening equipment provides unparalleled reliability, versatility, and performance for a wide range of industries and applications.

High-Speed Mechanical Screening Solutions

BM&M’s screening equipment uses patented technology to deliver more efficient and more effective screening for all type of materials, from forestry products to soybeans to bulk plastic powders. 

We offer more than just standard “off-the-shelf” screening solutions—all of our screening equipment is easily tailored to the application at hand for maximum performance. We will work with you to create an optimized screening system that meets your unique requirements.

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Easy to Install, Operate and Maintain

All BM&M screening equipment are designed for easy installation, and can be used just about anywhere. The difference is BM&M’s patented drive technology, where there is no movement of energy from the machines to the buildings. Combined with precision-engineered frames that minimize vibration, it allows you to install the screener throughout your facility without disrupting other processes. You even have the ability to suspend select models from the ceiling with only minor modifications.

Operation is easy, and all models can have their speed and stroke (diameter of horizontal gyratory movement) adjusted in the field with minimal effort. Our patented designs provide superior efficiency and high-capacity operation in any application.

Very little maintenance is required to maintain optimum performance. In most cases, periodic greasing of the frame system and occasional screen adjustment are all that are needed.

All of our products are covered by our standard 3-year drive system warranty. Many customers have gotten 20 years of service life or more from our screening equipment.

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BM&M is your #1 source for high-speed, high performance gyratory screening equipment, chip feeders, chip classifiers, and other screening solutions. Request a quote on the screening equipment you need, or contact us for more information.