BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment

Graders, Threshers, Destoners and Aspirators

Since 1992, BM&M Screening Solutions and ArrowCorp have been working together to provide highly efficient, high capacity graders, threshers, destoners, and aspirators for grain export and inland terminal applications. These devices are specially engineered for grain cleaning to U.S. export standards while eliminating product shrinkage for maximum ROI.

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ArrowCorp Grain Cleaning Technology

ArrowCorp is North America’s leading manufacturer of grain cleaning equipment, providing the industry’s most advanced material handling, dust control, and grain cleaning systems. Combining innovative technology, advanced 3D systems modeling, and proven designs, ArrowCorp produces high efficiency equipment that is easy to use and maintain. Their products deliver consistent, dependable performance in even the most demanding applications.

  • Indent-Length Graders: Indent-length graders efficiently separate long and/or short foreign materials from your products. Countless configurations are available for both new and existing grain and seed facilities, with capacities from 75 to 4,400 bushels/hour.
  • Aspirators: Primarily used as a pre-cleaner, aspirators pass product across an airstream to lift and separate unwanted particles to a separate location, based on greater surface area and air resistance. Nine different models are available to meet your needs. 
  • Destoners: Kipp Kelly air flotation destoners separate two fractions by weight rather than by shape or size. Ideal for flour mills, grain elevators, food plants, and mineral processing, these devices remove stones, mudballs, metal, glass, and other contaminants from products.

Features & Benefits of BM&M/ArrowCorp Grain Cleaning Equipment

  • Removes wild oats, chaff, weed seeds, and volunteer grains
  • Recovers broken and shrunken wheat, plus wheat heads
  • Written performance guarantees for capacity and shrinkage of product
  • Proven reliability with BM&M’s 3-year drive warranty

Contact Us for Terminal Grain Cleaning Systems

With quality equipment from BM&M and ArrowCorp, you can make short work of your grain cleaning operations. Request a quote on the grader, thresher, destoner, or aspirator you need, or contact BM&M Screening Solutions for more information.

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