BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment

Chip Screen High-Speed Gyratory Screener

The Chip Screen is BM&M Screening Solutions’ highest energy high-speed gyratory screen model. Perfect for screening wood chips, paper products, grains, and more, this screen is easy to install, operate, and maintain. Our chip screening systems provide maximum productivity and recovery of clean, acceptable product for the most demanding high-volume, applications.

The Chip Screen is designed specifically for:

  • High-capacity applications
  • Applications requiring a large stroke (diameter of rotation)
  • Relatively large element opening sizes (from 8 mesh sift up to 4” open scalp)
  • Capacities ranging from 500 ft3/hr up to 22,000 ft3/hr

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Maximum Productivity with BM&M Gyratory Screening Technology

We put our patented gyratory screen drive in the center of the machine to ensure the same screening efficiency over the entire chip screening surface. With no mechanical gearboxes, our drive can gyrate the screens at speeds up to 300 RPM, versus the 150-180 RPM speeds typical of conventional screening technology. Consistent motion across the screen and high-speed operation combine to make the Chip Screen highly efficient. This results in maximum efficiency and maximum capacity for your application.

Vibration Control

We dynamically balance all of our high-speed gyratory screens. This allows users to install the system virtually anywhere in their plant and provides the lowest possible installation costs.

Recovery of Clean, Acceptable Product

We build nothing but custom gyratory screens. At BM&M, our goal is to help our customers recover the maximum amount of usable product, and thoroughly remove rejects. We will test your screening solution with the actual materials with which you work and provide a written performance guarantee at no extra charge.

3 Year Drive Warranty

Our patented, eccentric-weight drive assemblies are lubricated for life and need no maintenance. Unlike other high-speed screening technology, our unique static shaft design provides torsional stiffness that ensures a long, trouble-free working life. All of our gyratory screens are backed by our standard 3 year warranty.

Chip Screen Applications

Chip Screen systems are used across a wide variety of markets:

Chip Screen Specifications


  • 24 ft2 through 260 ft2
  • 3’ through 13’ wide
  • 8’ through 20’ long

# of Decks

  • 1 through 3

Materials & Construction/Design

  • Mild steel materials
  • Welded steel construction for drive/screen assembly
  • Fully stress relieved
  • Bolted structural steel support stand
  • All screen surfaces are tensioned for high screening efficiency
  • Dynamically balanced: horizontal loading is <3% of maximum vertical load
  • Infeed landing deck combined with a bolted steel wear liner
  • Fines pan air lancing ports for quick pan cleanouts
  • A variety of mesh or perforated metal screens, in many materials


  • Operating speeds up to 300 RPM
  • Stroke up to 2” in diameter
  • Motor: 5HP to 20HP, TEFC, 1800 RPM, customer-specified brand

Chip Screen Options

  • Double-single construction: high-capacity single cut option
  • Counterflow construction: provides super high fines removal efficiency
  • Wear liners: UHMW or stainless steel
  • Dust cover assembly with steel bolted and gasketed construction
  • Central hanger lubrication system
  • Stainless steel screen elements, fines pan, etc.
  • Drive bearing temperature monitor (RTD)
  • Open bottom construction (no fines pan)
  • Suspended construction with overhead building supports (eliminates support stand)

Optional Ball Deck Screen Cleaning

All of our high-speed gyratory screens can be equipped with ball decks to assist in cleaning fines screens when screen openings are smaller than 3/16” or when the product is moist and/or sticky. The active motion of the screen propels captive balls to constantly strike the underside of the fines screens and dislodge wedged-in particles or near-sized plugs. Depending on the application, 2” diameter balls are manufactured from synthetic rubber or a special compound material.

Contact Us for Chip Screen High-Speed Gyratory Screeners

A BM&M Chip Screen is the perfect screening solution for scalping, sizing, sawdust removal, bark sorting, and other demanding applications. Request a quote on a custom Chip Screen system for your facility, or contact us to discuss your screening requirements.

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