BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment

CounterFlow Super Screen High Efficiency Gyratory Screener

BM&M Screening Solutions’ CounterFlow Super Screen is a unique, high efficiency screening solution for applications that require a special flow arrangement. Building off our popular, high performance Super Screen gyratory screening machine, we added a CounterFlow screen feature that increases the screen area of the machine without expanding its footprint.

Maximum Screening Efficiency in a Compact Footprint

Our innovative multi-tiered design can provide up to five (5) screen decks for as many as six (6) different discharge products, giving you exceptional screening efficiency in a compact system. Material feeds into the topmost tier, where it is screened by gyratory motion and moved down the sloped surface to an elbow, where two successive tiers come together. Filtered material feeds from one screen to the next, getting filtered multiple times for efficient, effective separation; different material sizes are separated into separate discharge chutes.

All screens move simultaneously, powered by a single gyratory motor. Our patented gyratory drive design provides higher speeds (up to 300 RPM) and larger strokes than drives on conventional reciprocating (back-and-forth) screens can.

Popular CounterFlow Super Screen Screen Links

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Custom CounterFlow Super Screen Options

We can customize a CounterFlow Super Screen to meet your unique screening needs, in a custom configuration to fit your space. With up to five different screen elements and multiple combinations available, we can provide the perfect, high efficiency solution for sorting, screening, and sifting your most difficult materials. Common configurations include:

Four-Deck Double Fines Screener

Ideal for rubber recycling applications, the four-deck double fines CounterFlow Super Screen system is the ultimate in fines removal, with twice the fines screen area of any other model on the market. Built with a 72 ft2 scalping deck, a 72 ft2 sizing deck, and two (2) 72 ft2 35 mesh fines removal decks, this setup provides 150 ft2 of element area for recovery of valuable fine grain materials.

Five-Deck CounterFlow Super Screen

The five-deck CounterFlow Super Screen is perfect for the fish feed industry and other markets where crumbled materials must be separated into multiple sizes for multiple products.

CounterFlow Super Screen with Vertical Pipe/Spout Infeed

The design of the CounterFlow Super Screen makes it well-suited for applications where a screen system must be installed in a plant with an existing material feed pipe or spout. The infeed of the gyratory screener can positioned directly below the pipe to minimize the need for plant modifications.

Other Common Uses for CounterFlow Super Screeners

  • Applications requiring a large screen area but with limited floor space
  • Applications that require special flow configurations
  • Installations where the discharge needs to be directly below the infeed

Industries & Markets

  • Ceramics
  • Chemical plants
  • Fish feed
  • Metallurgical coal

CounterFlow Super Screen Performance Specifications

  • Max. gyratory speed: 300 RPM
  • Screen slope range: 3° to 7°
  • # of screen decks: up to five (5)
  • # of discharge products: up to six (6) different sizes
  • Adjustable stroke: 5/8” to 2”

Optional Features

  • A.R. (abrasion resistant) steel screen elements
  • Food grade T3404SS construction
  • UHMW screen deck liners
  • Custom screen element combinations and configurations

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BM&M’s CounterFlow Super Screen high-speed gyratory screening machines deliver exceptional efficiency and versatility for a variety of applications, with compact footprints to fit where space is limited or where unique configurations are required. Request a quote on a custom CounterFlow Super Screen for your facility, or contact us to discuss your screening requirements.