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Multi-Deck Screen High-Capacity Gyratory Screener

BM&M Screening Solutions designs and builds the industry’s best-performing, most efficient bulk material screeners. Our goal is to help our customers recover the maximum amount of usable product while removing rejects. We provide custom solutions that are tailored to your application and performance requirements. With our in-house application testing facility, we can test screening solutions using your actual material, ensuring optimum plant performance-testing and a written performance guarantee are available at no charge.

Ideal for High-Capacity Cleaning and Challenging Materials

Our Multi-Deck Screen systems have been used throughout the grain terminal industry and other markets for more than 45 years. Since the installation of our first high-capacity Multi-Deck Screen at Pacific Elevators in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we have provided thousands of screening systems to customers worldwide.

The Multi-Deck Screen’s high-speed, horizontal gyratory screening motion and large element area is well-suited to high-capacity processing, and operates with little to no shrinkage. This system is ideal for high-capacity applications that require very clean accept products. Fully-enclosed construction ensures dust-free installation for a cleaner operating environment with minimal housekeeping and maintenance requirements. Product aspiration is available via optional ArrowCorp aspirators and scalper/aspirator components.

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Dynamically Balanced for Maximum Vibration Control

All Multi-Deck gyratory screens are dynamically balanced. This allows them to be installed virtually anywhere in your facility, with the lowest possible installation costs and minimal motion transfer to the building itself.

Patented Drive Technology for Maximum Productivity

We align the screen drive unit with the Multi-Deck Screen’s center of gravity to achieve even screening efficiency across the entire screen element surface. With no mechanical gearbox, our patented gyratory drive can operate at speeds up to 300 RPM (nearly twice the 150-180 RPM maximum that conventional reciprocal screeners can produce). Consistent and uniform screen motion translates to exceptional efficiency and increased capacity for you high volume screening operations.

3-Year Drive Warranty

Our patented eccentric weight gyratory drive features permanent lubrication and requires little to no maintenance. Unlike reciprocating screen drives, our unique static shaft design provides torsional stiffness that ensures long, trouble-free service. All our high-speed gyratory screeners are backed by our standard 3-year drive warranty.

Multi-Deck Screen Specifications



 # of Decks



  • From 56” x 86” to 60”x 120”
  • From 1 to 3
  • Up to 400 ft2 screening area per deck
  • Welded mild steel, fully-stress relieved




  • 300 RPM standard operating speed
  • 1 1/4” diameter standard stroke
  • 1800 RPM motor
  • Adjustable stroke counterweight assembly with maintenance-free bearing


  • Pre-screen and distribution box
  • Ball-deck cleaning (see below)
  • Fully enclosed construction
  • Hinged screen access door at both ends for quick screen element changes
  • Hollow structural steel support stand

Ball-Deck Screen Cleaning System

Depending on the application, Multi-Deck high-speed screeners can be supplied with a variety of mesh or perforated metal screens in various materials. All models can be equipped with our unique ball-deck system to keep screen elements clean. The active motion propels captive, 2” diameter balls to constantly strike the underside of fine screens. This dislodges wedged-in particles and near-size plugs.

Custom Multi-Deck Screen Options

Multi-Deck Screens are custom built to match your specific application and performance requirements. We will work with you to develop the perfect high-speed screening system for your unique needs. Options include:

  • Standard and high-capacity
  • Oil resistant cleaning balls
  • Dust aspiration ports
  • High-temp construction for applications up to 250°F continuous
  • Hanger remote lubrication
  • Drive bearing temperature element
  • Up to 600 ft2 of screen area in only 107 ft2 of floor space
  • Each screen can provide up to 300 MTPH capacity
  • Custom discharge chutes designed for your application

Applications for Multi-Deck Screens

Contact Us for Multi-Deck Screen High-Speed Gyratory Screeners

BM&M Screening Solutions’ Multi-Deck Screen is the high efficiency, high-capacity gyratory screening system you need for your tough bulk material sorting applications. Request a quote on a custom Multi-Deck Screen, or contact us to discuss your screening requirements.

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