BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment

Super-Deck Screen High-Speed, High-Capacity Gyratory Screener

The Super-Deck Screen is BM&M’s high-capacity, high-speed horizontal gyratory screening solution. It is dynamically balanced to allow for greater rotational speeds (300 RPM) and larger strokes than conventional sifters and screeners that use reciprocating (back-and-forth) motion.

Optimum Throughput, Efficiency and Sorting Performance

The unique infeed flow distribution box eliminates the screen efficiency variability often caused by infeed flow distribution to each parallel element deck.

This gyratory screen is specially designed for:

  • High-capacity screening
  • Finer materials/finer element openings
  • Dust control

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Custom Super-Deck Screen Options

We offer custom Super-Deck gyratory screeners that are tailored to your application and performance requirements, with up to 360 ft2 of total screen area for fast, efficient screening of large material loads. Speed and stroke can be optimized for your unique application, and both variables are easy to adjust in the field, with no special tools or parts required.

Patented Gyratory Screening Technology

Our patented gyratory screen drive is placed at the machine’s center of gravity to ensure the same screening/sifting efficiency across the entire screening surface. Because it has no mechanical gearbox, the drive can provide gyratory speeds up to 300 RPM, versus the 150-180 RPM speeds common with reciprocating screening technology. Consistent motion, speed, and high-capacity combine to maximize screening efficiency.

Super-Deck Screener Features

  • Innovative drive design uses a stationary shaft with a high-speed rotating hub/counterweight assembly to generate consistent eccentric motion
  • Screen speed can be fine-tuned for precision operation, between 180 and 330 RPM
  • Stroke can be adjusted from 5/8” to 1-1/2” as your application demands
  • Permanently-lubricated gyratory drive has no mechanical gearbox, making it virtually maintenance-free
  • 3-year warranty on drive
  • Spare drive belt included with every BM&M gyratory screener

Tensioned Screen Element

Tensioned screen elements are standard equipment on Super-Deck gyratory screeners. This helps prevent elements from losing tension and effectiveness over time, as conventional stapled screens tend to do. Screen elements are single-piece construction, which avoids potential leak paths associated with gaskets, seals, and overlay strips; multi-piece elements are available upon request.

  • Helps maintain high efficiency achieved by screen motion and ball decks (see below)
  • Most premature element failures and blinding problems can be attributed to a lack of adequate element tensioning
  • Elements commonly fail due to fatigue cracks where loose wires flex over the ball frame
  • Screen elements can be changed quickly and smoothly, without removing ball deck frame; screen tensioning system assists in fast element changes
  • Screen removal and inspection doors located at both ends for easy access

Abrasion-Resistant Construction

The Super-Deck gyratory screen is available with a variety abrasion resistance features. These optional features are ideal for processing frac sand, hard grains, coal, fertilizer, and other abrasive materials. A range of wear parts are available in special A.R. steel construction (450 Brinell hardness), including:

  • Infeed flow spreader bottom
  • Infeed door/flow splitter assembly
  • Bottom pan assemblies
  • Discharge door/chute assembly

Other wear-resistant material options include UHMW, polyurethane, and T304SS

Optional Infeed Distributor

An optional 35 ft2 infeed flow distributor spreads the flow evenly across the width of the screen for enhanced throughput and screening efficiency.

  • Includes a gross scalping element for large rubble removal (typically 3/4” to 2” open)
  • Distributor and rubble element gyrate with the screen assembly
  • Bottom pan is lined for wear protection (standard); specs per application

Optional Ball Deck Screen Cleaning System

BM&M Super-Deck screeners can be equipped with special “ball decks” to help clean fines screens with openings smaller than 3/16” and those used with moist and/or sticky materials. The motion of the screen constantly propels captive balls to strike the underside of the screens, dislodging wedged-in, sticky particles and near-size plugs. 2” diameter balls are either synthetic rubber or a special compound material, depending on application requirements.

Super-Deck Gyratory Screen Applications

The Super-Deck high-speed screener provides fast, efficient screening for challenging materials across a wide range of industries and applications. Our gyratory screens are commonly used for:

Contact Us for Super-Deck High-Speed Gyratory Screeners

The Super-Deck high-speed gyratory screen is the perfect solution for your challenging, high-volume bulk material screening applications. Request a quote on the custom Super-Deck screen you need, or contact us to discuss your screening requirements.

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