BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment

Super Screen High-Speed, High-Capacity Gyratory Screener

BM&M Screening Solutions’ Super Screen system utilizes a high-speed, horizontal gyratory design that is dynamically balanced to allow for greater screening speeds and larger strokes than conventional sifters and screeners. It features the same patented, aggressive screen action that enable all of our screens to achieve maximum capacities and maximum efficiencies.

Horizontal Gyratory Design for Greater Screening Speeds and Larger Strokes

The Super Screen is a versatile, adaptable high-speed screener for all industries. The stroke, speed, and slope can be custom-engineered to your specifications; stroke and speed can also be optimized in the field for enhanced performance, no matter how difficult or variable the application. We can provide Super Screen systems in a range of sizes, from 4.5 ft2 up to 72 ft2, with as many as five (5) screening decks.

The Super Screen is designed specifically for:

  • Finer element openings: 1 1/2” to 150 mesh
  • Dust control
  • Screen sizes smaller than 72 ft2 (6.7 m2)

Reach out to BM&M if you have any questions about our Super Screen, or get a quote today.

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Super Screen Applications

Our Super Screen systems are used in a broad range of markets:

Efficient Cleaning & Minimum Product Loss with BM&M Gyratory Screening Technology

We place the patented drive unit in the absolute center of the screen to ensure the same screening motion and efficiency over the entire screen surface. The Super Screen drive can operate at up to 330 RPM, versus conventional screeners that cannot run faster than 150-180 RPM. The consistent motion across the deck, high-speed, and large stroke (up to 2”) create maximum G-load on your product for optimum efficiency and maximum capacity.

Dynamically Balanced to Minimize Building Loads & Vibration

BM&M dynamically balances all of our high-speed vibratory screens to minimize building loads and both horizontal and vertical building vibration. No isolators or unrelated cable mounting systems are required to isolate these forces. Thanks to our rigid hanger system, you can simply bolt the screen down and get started. Customers have mounted BM&M screens up to 100’ across in rigid structures.

Patented Weight Drive Technology

Our patented drive technology utilizes a stationary shaft with a high-speed eccentric weight rotating on a bearing assembly to generate eccentric motion. With no mechanical gearboxes to maintain and permanent lubrication, maintenance requirements are all but nonexistent.

Standard Ball Deck Screen Cleaning

The Super Screen gyratory screener is equipped with BM&M’s ball deck system to assist in keeping the screen clean. The gyratory motion propels the captive balls to constantly strike the underside of the screen element, dislodging wedged-in particles and near-size plugs. Depending on the application, 50mm or 30mm rubber balls are used. Ball deck frames are steel, with options for stainless steel, aluminum, or hardwood.

Tensioned Screen Design

We use tensioned screens as standard to prevent the elements from losing their tension over time, as stapled-down screens often do. This helps maintain the high efficiencies achieved by our patented drive technology and ball deck cleaning systems. In most cases, competitors’ premature screen element failures and constant plugging problems can be traced back to a lack of screen tensioning.

Our screen tensioning system also assists with fast and easy screen elements change-out. At the infeed end of each screen is a hinged door that provides easy access to the screen elements and allows quick operational inspections with minimum downtime. The discharge door is also hinged to improve element access. End screen access generally reduces screen change downtime by 50% or more. The top cover can be removed to access screen elements in tight installations.

Factory Testing

At BM&M Screening Solutions, our goal is to maximize our customers’ yield while efficiently removing all reject materials. We will factory test your actual materials using our Test lab gyratory screener and will provide a written guarantee of performance. Our engineering staff and testing lab are available to provide answers for our customers for the life of their screens. Factory testing is offered at no extra charge.

Super Screen Options

  • Food grade T3404SS construction
  • Abrasion-resistant A.R. steel construction

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BM&M Super Screen high-speed gyratory screening systems offer versatility for a wide range of applications. Request a quote on the custom Super Screen system you need, or contact us to discuss your screening requirements.

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