BM&M High Speed Gyratory Screening Equipment

Chip Feeder

The BM&M Rotary Star Chip Feeder is used in wood chip applications to provide surge control, consistent feed rate, and full width distribution of chips across the infeed of a screen.

Controls Surge, Feed Rate and Full Width Distribution of Wood Chips

The chip feeder is mounted to the bottom of a suitably-sized, customer-supplied surge bin via a bolted flange. A surge bin and rotary chip feeder can reduce the size of your chip screen by reducing the surge capacity requirements of the screen and by increasing the chip screen’s efficiency through even distribution. Standard practice is to use a feeder that is 1’ to 2’ narrower than the chip screen itself.

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Innovative Technology for Enhanced Performance

Our rotary chip feeder features a positive-displacement, six-pocket rotor to evenly distribute the chip load onto your gyratory screen’s infeed chute. A relief gate, controlled by adjustable air cylinders, allows oversize chunks or debris to bypass the rotor, preventing plugs and damage.

Note: This feeder is designed for use with wood chips only.

Chip Feeder Features & Benefits

  • Positive displacement 6-pocket rotor evenly distributes load across screen infeed chute 
  • Two-row spherical bearings provide long, trouble-free working life 
  • Pneumatically-controlled relief gate allows oversize chips, chunks, and debris to pass through 
  • Standard drive components, including a shaft-mounted helical reducer, 1800 RPM motor, V-belt drive, and fully enclosed guard, make service and maintenance easy 
  • Optional variable speed control provides infinite feed rate control

High Efficiency Rotor

  • 24”, 6-pocket star design 
  • 3/8” mild steel construction 
  • 3 7/16” cold rolled steel shaft 
  • Double roller bearing design

Rugged Feeder Housing

  • 3/8” mild steel construction 
  • 12” × 24” access/cleanout door 
  • Self-cleaning, full-width relief gate with pneumatic control 
  • Mounting flange for installation on the bottom of a bin

Drive Assembly Features

  • Helical gear shaft-mounted reducer 
  • 1800 RPM drive motor, with TEFC specs 
  • V-belt drive assembly 
  • Drive safety guard

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The BM&M rotary chip feeder is an ideal way to improve the already-great performance of your high-speed gyratory screenerRequest a quote on a chip feeder for your system, or contact us to discuss your screening requirements.

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