Specialists in High-Speed, High-Capacity Gyratory Screening Equipment

BM&M Screening Solutions is the industry leader in high-speed, high-capacity gyratory screening technology. We offer higher capacity machines per square meter of screen area, better de-blinding efficiency, greater utilization of the entire screening surface area and screening machines that offer maintenance friendly options so our customers can service their screening machines effectively and efficiently.

High Speed Gyratory Screen Equipment

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Delivering Superior Reliability, Versatility and Maximum Performance, In all Industries and Applications

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Win/Win Screening Solutions—Guaranteed

We ensure that our innovative gyratory screening equipment saves users time, effort, and energy costs while reducing loss of product or "product shrinkage". We do everything we can to ensure that our products deliver win/win solutions for your biggest screening challenges. We provide guaranteed ROI for your facility and long term support for the life of your BM&M gyratory screener. 

Advanced Gyratory Screening Technology 

Our patented high-speed drive technology is capable of higher speeds and larger strokes than other manufacturers’ gyratory screening systems. This combination creates a higher horizontal G-load on the screened materials, which translates to enhanced efficiency and improved capacity. 

BM&M drive technology is the most reliable on the market. All of our drives are permanently lubricated, for nearly maintenance-free operation, and include our standard 3 year warranty.

The 5 S’s of Screening Technology

BM&M's gyratory screening machines are the best in the industry based on the 5 S's of Screening, the criteria used to evaluate the performance, efficiency and ROI of screening equipment 

  • Stroke: diameter of the horizontal circle made by the machine (up to 2”) 
  • Slope: angle of the screen element from horizontal (adjustable from 3° to 9°) 
  • Speed: RPM of the screen drive (up to 330 RPM, depending on the application) 
  • Screen area: square footage/square meterage of the screen element (up to 400 ft2) 
  • Service: BM&M offers service and maintenance for every screen we’ve ever built, with local support and long term parts availability
BMM Gyratory Screening Machines