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Since the 1960’s, BM&M has been a recognized leading manufacturer of gyratory screening equipment that provides unparalleled reliability, versatility, and performance for a wide range of industries and applications. Continue to see why our industrial separation equipment consistently outperforms our vibratory and gyratory screening competitors in demanding applications.

Why Us

The disruptor of the industrial separation market.

Our first gyratory screens were designed for the forest products industry, which in the late ‘60s was growing by leaps and bounds in British Columbia and elsewhere throughout Canada. The performance improvements our technology provided for forestry industry customers was enough to catch the eye of companies in numerous other industries, starting with grain import/export, and expanding into markets all around the world. Here’s how BM&M disrupted the existing industrial separation sector and became a recognized leader in screening technology: High-Speed Gyratory Screening

The design of other manufacturers’ screeners generally results in gyratory motion at only one end of the screen. Our exclusive drive units are positioned at the center of the machine and create the same screening motion and efficiency over the entire screen surface. Additionally, the drives are lubricated for life and offer a unique static shaft design, both which ensure a long, maintenance-free life.

Competitors’ gyratory screening machines use a more traditional crankshaft design that is limited in the amount of energy it can dissipate and that often fails at high-speeds or under high load. Our shakers are capable of higher speeds and larger strokes that combine to create G-Loads up to 2.7g, the highest in the industry. These benefits equal more capacity per screen area, allowing our company to provide equipment that screens higher volumes than the competition.

Our Clients

Partnering with global processing leaders and top manufacturers.

We have more than 50 years of proven performance from equipment in the field, and customers keep coming back. Review our case studies with your local BM&M representative for forest products, precision grains and legumes, almonds or other applications to gain further insight on our partnerships.

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