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To Test and Certify Your Specific Screening Application – Our engineering team runs our application testing facility. Located at our headquarters in Surrey, British Columbia, our test facility provides application tuning and performance data for our customers at no charge. BM&M’s Test Lab and Facility not only plays an important role in customizing screening solutions for our customers, but is also integral in determining the correct type and size of high capacity, high efficiency screening equipment required for specific screening results. – We Test Your Actual Material – Using the actual materials you work with, we will test and fine tune your gyratory screening equipment to ensure optimum performance for your specific application. The Test Lab contains a completely adjustable, full-size three-deck screen. It has a controllable feeder for accurate, variable metering of product. Other equipment includes electronic scales and standardized Lab particle size analyzers. – The Application Test Determines Your Written Performance Guarantee – The criteria used to evaluate the performance, efficiency and ROI of screening equipment, includes the Stroke, Slope, Speed, Screen area of the equipment, and the Service provided post sale. Testing is available to BM&M customers at no cost, for the life of their machines. When testing is complete, customers receive performance guarantees for their personalized screening solution. With maximum performance comes maximum company ROI.


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