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BM&M Conducts Seminar on Oilseed Screening for COFCO Oil Employees

February 20, 2024

In November 2023, BM&M industrial screener manufacturer conducted an in-depth seminar on the soybean screening process for over 180 employees at COFCO Oil, China’s largest food processor and a prominent agribusiness group in Asia.

Taking place in Suzhou, China, and led by Marcelo Niedermann, Director of Sales, and Ivan Chiu, China Sales Manager, the seminar provided a review of application cases for oilseed screening. Specific topics covered included cleaning before warehousing, cleaning in the pretreatment for crushing, separation of hulls from soybean kernels, and the relationship between screening and crushing of soybean meal.

The duo also led a high-level Q&A session at the end of the seminar on topics related to oilseed processing, sharing their knowledge of the screening and sifting process as well as lab testing, operational procedures, a variety of applications, and updates within the industry.

This educational initiative empowered COFCO employees to deepen their understanding of screener operations and screening maintenance, thereby aiding the company in several key operational areas such as increasing product yields, minimizing energy consumption, and reducing maintenance costs as well as choosing new projects that are both efficient and feasible.

Click here to learn more about soybean screening and other agriculture applications for BM&M screeners.

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